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Courses that teach death

During the COVID-19 Pandemic death came close to many people. What was and still is for many a taboo subject suddenly became an everyday thing. At Kean University in New Jersey, USA a course that teaches about death and dying became very popular. Through this class students learn about the cost of funerals and advance care planning while also exploring grief. Many students take the class to help work through some personal losses. Currently there is a four-year waiting list for the course as it’s popularity has soared. What this shows is that while death is still taboo, people want to talk about it, they want to learn about it. This highlights the importance of the iLive Project. It is important to research and share the experiences of those who are dying. At the iLive project our goal is to help people live well and die well. This course does the same with one student remarking ““We study dying to know how to live”.

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