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professor agnes van der heide explains what the ilive cohort study is about

Agnes van der Heide is part of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, and the leading researcher for our study. In this video she explains what we are doing in the the first work package in our study

What's a cohort study?

A cohort study is a study in which a group of people are followed to obtain information through interviews or tests over a period of time during which they are interviewed several times. In our case, these are people in need of palliative care, whom we follow from the time they enter the study until their death, and their relatives in the grieving process.

our goAL

The aim of the iLIVE project cohort study is to explore the concerns, expectations and preferences of patients and their relatives about end-of-life care. What kind of care do I want to have or would I like my relative to have as the end approaches? Where would I like to spend my last days?


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