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Lia Peters "The most important lesson I learned is to have a 'listening ear'!"

In January the Volunteer of the Month series in the iLIVE Project travels to the Netherlands to meet Lia Peters, that is taking part as volunteer in the hospice Cadenza Zuid of Laurens.

She was interested in the iLIVE Project since the beginning, although the pandemic situation made it difficult for her. "Through a colleague in the hospice, I heard about the Ilive project, which was to be started by Prof. A. Goossens. I then signed up for that and attended the necessary sessions, with some other candidates, via Zoom meetings. Unfortunately, due to corona, this could not be held in class", she tells us.

After this initial phase she was able to enter the volunteer program, where the experiences she went through "were all equally impressive and instructive".

"The most important lesson I learned is to have a "listening ear"! Just as important is to be there for the patient in question, but also for the next of kin!", she concludes.

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