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Policy Summit: A tool to change Palliative Care

One of the main objectives of the iLIVE Project has been to give policy makers the tools to support changes and improvements in the way patients are cared for at the end of life. The different parts of the project have created a solid scientific basis that must now be translated into improvements for patients, families and healthcare professionals working on Palliative Care all around the world.

It is therefore essential that the conclusions of the project reach policy makers at all levels. With this aim in mind, the policy webinar held online on 20 December was attended by dozens of healthcare managers from different countries.

In addition to a presentation of the main results of the project, participants also split up to discuss particular aspects of the research, such as the important of hearing the patient voice, the volunteer programme and community involvement.

This is only one of the initiatives that are planned, as the final results of the project will be made available and shared with the scientific community and technical decision-makers.

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