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The iLIVE Project was presented at the 3rd Slovenian Congress of Palliative Care

On 26th of October, researchers from Klinik Golnik presented the iLIVE project at the 3rd Slovenian Congress of Palliative Care. This congress is organized by the Slovenian Association of Palliative and Hospice Care, with the collaboration of other asociations and institutions like Palliative Care Slovenia (Paliativna oskrba Slovenije), the Institute of Oncology Ljiubljana and the University of Maribor.

The future of palliative care in Slovenia was discussed in this event with the participation of researchers for Slovenia and other countries in Europe. The presentation about iLIVE was included along with other palliative care initiatives taking place in Slovenia. The presentation was given by researchers Urška Lunder, Hana Kodba Čeh and Miša Bakan from Klinik Golnik, the institution leading Work package 5 in the iLIVE Project.

This group is in charge of ethics and culture, ensuring that the studies within the LIVE project are carried out according to the principles of general ethical standards; and to contribute to high-quality personalized care at the end of life by understanding the cultural, gender, age and socio-economic variance in patients’ concerns, expectations and preferences.

About this topic this team also presented a work on the topic of cultural characteristics at end of life care in the last days of life. The event included presentations on guidelines in palliative care, recommendations in oncology, Palliative care in neurology, Palliative nursing and care and local and cultural issues.

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