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The iLIVE Project helds a new Consortium Meeting

A new Consortium Meeting will take place this month to help the iLIVE Project achieve its goals for the next few months. The situation has been really difficult for the different teams taking part in the research. The coronavirus pandemic has made it almost impossible to advance in the cohort study (Work Package 1) and the Volunteers Study (Work Package 3). Now, with the vaccination process gaining speed, the teams are stepping up efforts to bring the studies up to date. This consortium meeting will set the ground for this effort.

The meeting will follow the work made in the last few months in the different Work Packages. The idea is to analyze the situation the project is in and to decide the best course of action for the months to come. All the studies will gain significant speed in their outcomes in the second half of the year. This consortium meeting will take place online, to avoid sanitary risks and travel restrictions already in place all around the world.

Both WP1 and WP3 depend on the possibility of recruiting participants to take part in the study. The Cohort Study aims to contribute to high-quality personalized care at the end of life by providing in-depth understanding of the concerns, expectations and preferences of dying patients and their formal and informal caregivers. This part of the study will interview with patients, relatives and caregivers to achieve this.

The Volunteers Study aims to develop and evaluate an international volunteer training programme to support patients dying in the hospital and their families. At this moment, the study is ready to train the volunteers and to set the different volunteers groups to work on their assigned spaces.

As for the medication study (Work Package 2) the objective is to develop and evaluate a digital clinical tool to optimize medication management for patients who are in the last months of life, i.e. in the prescription of medication to relieve symptoms and suffering, and in the de-prescription of medication that has no benefits and may involve side effects. This part of the study has been also impacted by the coronavirus pandemic due to the load of work for health care workers.

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