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The final steps for the iLIVE Project, set in a meeting in Cologne

Updated: May 29, 2023

The iLIVE Project is facing the end of the research with the sight in the final goals and objectives of this initiative. The research has united 14 teams from 13 different countries to develop better palliative care. The last consortium meeting, held in the University of Cologne, one of the members of the project, has set the final steps for the project.

One of the main activities remaining is the intregration of our findings into the reality of Palliative Care in each country. The different teams are now working in a report to assess the situation of end of life treatments in each country.

The data recollection part of the project is almost done now. The data management team is working with the different centers to provide tools to integrte the findings from the different teams.The annalysis of the recruitment process and its challenges is going to be an important part for the final steps of the project.

The recruitment for the cohort study, for example, will end in june. Approximately two thousand people has taken part in this part of the project, around two thirds of this figure are patients. Dignity, bereavement, concerns (from patients, relatives and health professionals) and the attitudes toward euthanasia are just some of the topics covered in this part of the research.

As for the medication study, the main objective is the optimisation of medication. For this more than two hundred patients have been evaluated in terms of quality of life and symptons control.

The volunteer study has worked along five hospitals in five different countries and have evaluated the impact of a volunteering training program in each one of them.

The economic evaluation of Palliative Care has also been an important part of the project. Different papers will stablish the conclusions in the methods for economic evaluations.

The project will also annalyse ethical aspects of end-of-life care and is developing a Core Outcome Set to guide palliative care initiatives.

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