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The development of cultural norms for the iLIVE Project, in a conference in Bergen

The meeting of the International Collaborative for the for Best care for the Dying person included a presentation from the slovenian team in the iLIVE Project. The team presented a poster on Development of cultural norms framework in 11 countries in the iLIVE project at the conference organized under the title 'A good ending – Good for All' that took place in Bergen in November 2019.

This poster deals with the work made from the Slovenian team. The researchers in Golnik Klinik are in charge of Work Package 5, who are working on ethics and culture issues. This group will control that all aspects of the programme are carried out according to the principles of general ethical standards; and to contribute to high-quality personalized care at the end of life by understanding the cultural, gender, age and socio-economic variance in patients’ concerns, expectations and preferences.

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