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María Florencia Martínez, winner of the 2nd iLIVE Project Short Story Competition in Spanish

Updated: Feb 20

The II Short Story Competition, 'Stories full of life', which is part of the dissemination activities of the iLIVE project, held its awards ceremony this afternoon. The winner was the Argentinian psychologist María Florencia Martínez with the story entitled 'Todo va a estar bien' ('Everything is going to be all right'). The text is based on this professional's own experience in the field of psycho-oncology, as a need to capture the stories she encounters in her daily contact with her patients. The story competition is an initiative of the Cudeca Foundation and Pallium Latin America, within the iLIVE project.

In this edition, a total of 106 stories were submitted from various Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Panama and Venezuela, and from other non-Spanish-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The organisers have highlighted the success of this event, which is part of the celebration of World Palliative Care Day, which will take place this Saturday and whose motto this year is 'Together for Palliative Care' and advocates drawing attention to concepts such as compassion, care and accompaniment, which are precisely those that star in the stories submitted to this edition.

The contest included this year an English version, made in collaboration between Cudeca and the University of Liverpool. The winner for this version will be notified in the next weeks.

The event took place in the Auditorium of the Cudeca Institute with the online participation of representatives of both organisations and the winner of the story.

You can watch the winner making a reading of her story in the video below:

English edition The english edition, a novelty this year, awarded a story titled "A crack in the door". You can hear the story in the following video, read by one of the volunteers at Cudeca:

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