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Live the life you please: living and dying in Australia

What a better way to change your views than to be open to know other's points of view? Talking about death and dying is a taboo topic, very rarely discussed even if all humans will go through that process. The documentary 'Live the Life you please', launched in Australia during Palliative Care Weeks aims to open discussion by presenting different stories related to this topic. And it does so in a very optimistic and open way.

The initiative comes from Palliative Care Australia and with support from different associations and collectives from the country, including the St Vincent's Hospital, one of the centers taking part in the iLIVE Project.

The campaign wants to raise awareness about palliative care and what it really means for patients. It also advocates for an increase in palliative care options for patients. But it also dignifies the end of life and the importance to live the life you want until the end.

Through different stories, the movie shows inspiring thoughts and attitudes that can serve as an example of the variety of situations people face when they are at the end of their journeys.

All materials can be found online thorugh their website:

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