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"Optimizing patients' medication use may improve their quality of life"

Lia Van Zuylen is the head of Work Package 2 (WP2) for the iLIVE Project. This group is tasked with the realization of a Medication Study, one of the main three researches that form our research project, along with the Cohort Study (WP1) and the Volunteers Study (WP3).

What is the current situation in WP 2?

We have approval for the start of the study in all participating countries and study sites. ​Several study sites have already started data collection in the pre-intervention phase. ​Meanwhile, we ​are preparing the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS-OPTIMED) ​which will guide physicians in medication (de)prescribing in patients with a limited life expectancy. We will measure the added value of the implementation of this CDSS-OPTIMED during the post-intervention phase. Next, we are finalizing the first two papers from WP2, namely the Delphi paper, on which the deprescribing part of the CDSS-OPTIMED is based, and the protocol paper.

What are the next steps you are going to take?

The most important thing to do now is starting the study in all countries and study sites. Hereafter, we will start the data collection in all centers and will take inventory of the first experiences. We will discuss the inclusion rate with each other and learn form each others experiences. We are organizing an online meeting between the local researchers who are detecting the patients who could be asked for inclusion.

What are the expected results for the Medication Study?

The results for the Medication Study are expectend one year after ending of the study. ​Our hypothesis is that the Medication Study will demonstrate that optimizing patients' medication use may improve their quality of life.

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