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iLIVE took part in the European Researchers Night

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The iLIVE Project was present in the European Reasearchers Night alongside the IBIMA, the Biomedical Research Institute in Malaga.

The activity, held in September in the Rector’s Building of the University of Malaga, was presented as discussion groups in which the public was confronted with questions about end of life care.

A video was used as an introduction to present the case of a pacient with an advanced terminal illness and one of his relatives who explained their experience and needs.

After this the iLive Project and its objectives were presented and then the discussion group took part with the researchers and the public about the expectatives and the care needs at end of life.

The meeting was conducted by a representation of the researchers from the Spanish iLive team, with the participation of the doctors Rafael Gómez, Pilar Barnestein-Fonseca and Inmaculada Ruiz. The team explained why it is important to have information about a topic, the last days of life, dead and bereavement, that is usually surrounded by silence.

The activity’s goal was not only making clear for the public the worries of pacients and their families, but also to gather society’s opinion on this topic. The activity wanted to help the community to get involved in the care giving that takes places in these situations with the objective of making it the best possible for each pacient.

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